Custom Wood Bats

To say we make bats for everyone, means that we make bats for no one. It means that we’re more focused on the process of making bats than who the bat is for, how it will perform and what its legacy will be. We don’t make bats for the love of bat making. We make bats for the love of baseball. And the idea that we can enhance the experience for both the players and those rooting for them.


Anchor Series 271 

Anchor Series 271L
Anchor Series 243


Anchor Series i13


Anchor Series 110


Anchor Series RT1


ANCHOR-72Anchor Series 72


Anchor Series MC1 (youth cut)


Professional Series

Based upon availability, the Professional Series is best described as extra cuts and models from our professional players that are ready to ship (minus engraving). THESE ARE NOT BLEMS. These bats are ideal for hitters interested in a professional model and a quick ship. Models typically range from 33", 33.5" to 34".  For more information, please contact us at