There is no more romantic imagery in sports or literature than the man at the plate. One individual against nine players, each plotting against him. Onlookers noting every minutia of his successes and failures. And the only weapon in his possession – to beat back the opposing team, the naysayers, the disbelievers and that fiery, round projectile – is his bat. Not “a” bat, mind you. But his bat. For one does not go into battle with just any piece of lumber handed to him.


Baseball bat company anchors their design in quality wood

May 15, 2015

by Benjamin Jeffers, Upstate Business Journal - When Eddie Rollins started designing baseball bats, he wasn’t planning on one day trying to sell them to major league players. In fact, he didn’t even plan to sell the bats for money. When his son Matthew was playing baseball as a teenager, Eddie looked at a wooden baseball bat and figured he could make one. He’s been crafting wood products for most of his life, so adding a baseball bat to his repertoire seemed like an easy thing to do. “I didn’t think it’d be as difficult as turning anything else,” he said. Soon, Matthew’s friends started asking for bats and Eddie accommodated them too. Now, years after Matthew’s baseball career ended... Continue Reading →

Upstate family making hand carved bats, heading to the big leagues

March 16, 2015

FOX Carolina - An Upstate startup is hoping to make it to the big leagues. The company is called Anchor Bats and is run by father and son duo, Eddie and Matthew Rollins. They hand carve, sand, and paint each bat by hand inside Eddie Rollin's two-car garage at his home in Taylors. They said each bat is made of quality grade-A wood - something that can be hard to find. "Making a bat is making a bat. One of the things we pride ourselves on is we get the best wood we can get," Eddie said. He also stated the idea first came about 10 years ago when he carved his first bat for Matthew, who at the time was playing baseball in high... Continue Reading →


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