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Anchor Bat Co. Sets Sail

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GREENVILLE, SC – Anchor Bat Company, a new boutique wood baseball bat company, is swinging for the fences to provide the highest quality bats for the Major League Baseball All-Star, the player just starting his career, and everyone in between.

During his college and professional baseball career, co-founder Matthew Rollins noticed something was missing in the increasingly crowded world of wooden bats. “Many manufacturers say all of their bats are MLB quality,” he said, “but few actually deliver.” In 2013, he and his father decided to use their passion for America’s pastime and do something about it by launching Anchor Bat Company.

Every bat is handcrafted from start to finish and made from only the highest quality maple in North America. “Everything from the way our bats are made to the way we package them in hand sewn burlap sacks points to our dedicated craftsmanship,” said Rollins.

The same level of craftsmanship is applied every time to every bat, so that Anchor Bat Company can deliver wooden bats that are harder and more compact, providing the perfect tool needed by every batter no matter the skill level. “We are striving for consistency and standards,” said Rollins. “Unfortunately, professional players often pay the least for a bat and get the best, while others pay the most and get the least. We want to deliver a product that is literally MLB quality for every client.”

Numerous college and high school players already use Anchor, while several dozen MLB players are waiting on their chance to swing the handmade bats. They will soon get their opportunity with Anchor Bat Company anticipating MLB approval in early 2016.

Former MLB first round draft pick and current college coach, Landon Powell, knows what it takes to be successful at the highest level, and for him Anchor bats provide just that. “Anchor bats are some of the best new wood bats on the market,” he said. “They are hard, balanced, and hand crafted to your specifications. I expect them to be a force in MLB and become one of the most sought after bats in the industry.”

1998 World Champion, Darren Holmes, spent over a decade in the majors and is currently serving as bullpen coach for the Colorado Rockies. For Darren, Anchor is different than the rest. “Anchor focuses on unparalleled quality versus quantity,” he said. “From their top-of-the-line wood, to the personal attention each customer receives, Anchor is quickly becoming the bat anyone from the pro level to travel ball can count on.”

Within three to five years Rollins says he would like Anchor to be considered one of the premier boutique wood bat companies. Eventually, he would like to be recognized as the industry standard. “In 15 years we want other companies striving to make a product that compares to ours.” The drive for excellence and consistency flows from Rollins’ faith. He strongly believes I Corinthians 10:31 (“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory”) applies to everything from sourcing premium wood to exceeding customer expectations.

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